account-based marketing services in Denver, CO


If you sell in the B2B space, you need to seriously consider account-based marketing, or ABM. It is especially useful in marketing to organizations with multiple decision makers and stakeholders, as it treats individual clients and prospects as their own markets, reaching them with highly targeted and hyper-personalized messages designed to resonate.

B2B customers overwhelmingly value being treated as unique. According to Aberdeen Research, 75 percent say they prefer personalized offers rather than generalized ones. Even within an organization, persons in differing roles will have different pain points. Account-based marketing provides content directly addressing each of their needs rather than sales-oriented messages.


Improved ROI. ABM’s ROI is higher than other marketing efforts, according to 97 percent of marketers surveyed by Alterra Group. With ABM, you know exactly where you are spending marketing dollars and exactly what income to expect to receive from each target audience.

Shorter sales cycle. Leads generated by ABM will be better qualified than those from traditional funnel marketing. Your sales team will be able to spend more of their time with accounts most likely to help you reach your revenue goals.

Marketing and sales alignment. Getting B2B marketing and sales teams to collaborate has traditionally been tough in most companies. With ABM, they work together to identify target audiences. Then marketers focus on how to bring specific accounts to the table, while the sales department focuses on how to generate revenue from them once they get there.

Higher retention. Your relationships with existing clients are strengthened, as they experience ongoing personalized delivery of content they find valuable. As we all know, customer retention is critical to prevent loss of income and create ambassadors for your brand.


Lumen Marketing’s account-based marketing services are designed to help formulate and carry out the strategy, or supplement your marketing department’s ABM efforts.

An account-based marketing strategy requires a well-thought out plan. Steps include:

  • Using data to identify your best and most ideal customers

  • Defining and creating personalized marketing content

  • Determining the optimal channels for reaching your intended audience

  • Executing the campaign

  • Measuring results and making adjustments to improve the next campaign


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