Lumen Marketing & Communications portfolio

Lumen Marketing’s team of seasoned marketing professionals have created high-impact, revenue-generating inbound marketing campaigns, websites, and creative for many well-known B2B and B2C companies.

We serve clients in a diverse set of industries, including: startups, technology, software, resorts and attractions, banking and finance, real estate, professional services, HR/talent management, and consumer products.


Hear the rave reviews from our fans about our inbound marketing, website, and creative services.


“While you can get a less experienced freelancer to come in, listen to your plan, and execute on it, what you get with Lumen Marketing is the bonus of thought leadership and a sounding board for all things marketing strategy. That level of expertise and commitment is well worth the investment. As a new hire coming on board, there were so many things I was trying to accomplish in short order. The fact that I could lean on Lumen to execute through HubSpot without me having to direct how to get it done was a life saver.

We use this relationship as our metric in hiring other consultants. We always aim to find someone who is equally as communicative and can easily plug into our team and our processes just like Lumen, because it was such as successful model. If Knowland hadn’t worked with Lumen, I think there would have been a lot of frustration. There would be less joy coming to work, due to thinking about the slew of projects and feeling like we were going nowhere fast. It would have caused a lot of headaches along the way, but Lumen helped us avoid all of that.” — Lisa Bonanno, VP Marketing, Knowland


“I see Lumen Marketing as an extension of my team! Given our limited resources internally, they assist me on marketing projects for some of our most strategic, multi-channel marketing efforts at TalentWave. Lumen understands and is a guardian of our brand, and I trust them to help carry that through all of our various creative executions. Lisa is technical, creative, consultative, responsive and truly my right hand! She’s also nimble in reacting to tight deadlines, and is prudent in making sure what she delivers has been triple-checked and is as perfect as possible! I’m grateful for the partnership we have with Lumen and for the confidence I have in their capabilities as an agency.” — Kristen Schiffner, Sr. Director of Marketing, TalentWave

ACTIVE Network

“Lisa delivers an unusual combination of marketing strategy and technical skills that fits perfectly with the demands of digital marketing. Never afraid to try something new, Lisa is the go-to person for figuring out how to make an impact with integrated marketing campaigns that generate results. Lisa’s creative and technical skills matched with her marketing mind make her an extraordinarily well-rounded asset. She is flexible while keeping her eye on goals. Her ever-present smile and laugh top off a professional package that blends nicely in a variety of professional settings.” — Mary Anschutz, Sr. Marketing Manager, ACTIVE Network

Resort Technology Partners

“Lisa is a seasoned professional in her field of marketing strategy and branding. She works well with others to achieve goals and meet aggressive deadlines. I have been very impressed with her work and her ability to lend a fresh perspective to both old and new products that we market. She has great attention to detail that makes her a valuable asset to any team. I would highly recommend Lisa when looking to build a marketing team or for her to run her own show.” — Eric Phannenstiel, Founder, Resort Technology Partners


Lumen Marketing has helped TalentWave generate more demand for our services, as well as increased qualified sales opportunities through strategic, integrated content marketing. Their deep expertise of our business, as well as the talent management industry as a whole, make Lumen Marketing a highly valued partner. Lisa herself brings a fresh, outside perspective and a focus on measurable results to every project. I highly recommend anyone considering hiring Lumen Marketing to do so.” — Jacqueline Myers, Marketing Manager, TalentWave

The Carlon Group

“When I changed my business name, I knew the time was right to update our branding with a new look. After attempting to work with several designers, we hired Lumen Marketing to develop a new logo for our company. We thought we knew exactly what we needed. We were wrong. What I wanted was complicated, and what they created was beautiful and simple. The business card and flyers we’re clean looking and effective. They were completed quickly and all edits were made in a timely manner. We will use Lumen for our next project.” — Stephanie Schilling, CEO and Conductor, Assurance Security


“I wanted to drop you a brief note to say thank you for all the hard work you put into the new website. It looks fantastic! The visuals are 10X! I know it wasn’t an easy project with our timelines and content shift, but you pulled it off. Thank you for making it happen!” — Pete Khanna, CEO, TrackVia

The Carlon Group

“Lisa Moore dramatically shaped the focus and direction of The Carlon Group. Her strategic input, creativity, analytical skills and hard work played a key role in launching a new e-mail marketing service for our clients, which has been met with a high level of interest and increased sales. Lisa is always thinking of ways to better the business and improve the bottom line. Her work ethic is fantastic, along with her commitment to getting projects completed on deadline and with accuracy.” — John Golinvaux, Principal, The Carlon Group

Trumpet Behavioral Health

“As Creative Director for AutismPro I have had the extreme pleasure of working directly with Lisa Moore. Lisa was able to effectively communicate a clearly defined vision of the company in a very short period of time. [She] worked hard to study and understand our industry and customers, and was able to create a clear, focused concept of AutismPro’s offerings and inspired the creative team to produce a suite of marketing collateral that consistently showcased the benefits of our product. Lisa is bright, focused, organized and very creative. Her love and mastery of the marketing process is evident in all the projects in which she is involved.” — Johanne Sutherland, Creative Director, AutismPro/Trumpet Behavioral Health

Tone and Tune

“It was a pleasure working with Lisa to create the marketing/graphic materials for a new company, Tone and Tune. She took initial information from our conversations and was able to send materials that were on target, relevant and creative. I am proud to utilize all of the materials that she created for Tone and Tune.” — Jeni Halingstad, Creator, Tone and Tune

Volume9 SEO

Lisa brings her A-game to everything. No task is too small for the detailed attention she will give it. She’s also timely, resourceful, a quick-learner and an energy source. She’s a dream client, a brilliant marketer and an overall great person. I’m lucky to work with her and I hope you will be too!” — Miranda Ryder, SEO Account Manager, Volume Nine

Women's Bean Project

“Lisa has done a fantastic job helping write a business plan and doing market research for a new revenue stream we have implemented here at Women’s Bean Project. Having launched this new jewelry channel has enabled Women’s Bean Project to grow our capacity and help more women in our program, with significant results. Based on the quality work Lisa has done, I would recommend to anyone considering hiring Lisa to do so.” — Geoff Lucas, Marketing Director, Women’s Bean Project


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