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A brand is often associated with a company name, logo, tagline, or mission statement. But it’s much more than that.

A successful brand is defined as any product, service, or company for which people believe there is no substitute. And this is where your brand comes in.

It takes work to clearly communicate your business’ personality and unique value proposition. You want to ensure that every interaction with your company’s people, products, and services is consistent. That work starts with laying a solid foundation for your brand personality and company’s voice across all mediums (written, spoken, and visual).



Great design is perceived as more memorable, more approachable, and more worthy of your customers’ trust. Great design communicates better and makes complex topics easier to understand. In fact, companies that put a major emphasis on design outperform those who don’t by more than 200 percent.

The benefits of great design reach much further than just your website and marketing collateral. It’s essential to creating a smooth experience for your customers. Can they see clearly what step to take next? Is the interface a breeze? Design done well delights, rather than frustrates.

Shoddy creative, by contrast, muddies the message and confuses the people you want to win over.

“It was a pleasure working with Lisa to create the marketing/graphic materials for a new company, Tone and Tune. She took initial information from our conversations and was able to send materials that were on target, relevant and creative. I am proud to utilize all of the materials that she created for Tone and Tune.”

Jeni Halingstad

Creator - Tone and Tune

“When I changed my business name, I knew the time was right to update our branding with a new look. After attempting to work with several designers, we hired Lumen Marketing to develop a new logo for our company. We thought we knew exactly what we needed. We were wrong. What I wanted was complicated, and what they created was beautiful and simple. The business card and flyers we’re clean looking and effective. They were completed quickly and all edits were made in a timely manner. We will use Lumen for our next project.

Stephanie Schilling

CEO and Conductor - Assurance Security

“Lumen understands and is a guardian of our brand, and I trust them to help carry that through all of our various creative executions. Lisa is technical, creative, consultative, responsive and truly my right hand! She’s also nimble in reacting to tight deadlines, and is prudent in making sure what she delivers has been triple-checked and is as perfect as possible! I’m grateful for the partnership we have with Lumen and for the confidence I have in their capabilities as an agency.”

Kristen Schiffner

Sr. Director of Marketing - TalentWave


Branding and visual elements need to be updated periodically.

When was the last time you reviewed your sales and marketing collateral? If you were to lay everything out on a table in your conference room, would it look like it all came from the same company?

If you can’t remember the last time you took a look, or elements of your visual design look disjointed, it may be time for some TLC.

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Nailing down your branding and showing up consistently everywhere requires expert help. The scope of our branding and creative services starts with a consultation to help you create a strategy to tell your company’s story well. Whether you need to augment your existing team on a single project, or completely turnkey, outsourced creative solutions, we can help.

Our branding, creative, and graphic design services include:

  • Branding — defining personality and voice, written communications, visual elements

  • Logo design and corporate identity

  • Creative direction

  • Custom graphics

  • Marketing and sales collateral

  • Advertising (small- to large-format graphics)

  • Exhibit design and creative for trade shows, conferences, and events

  • Presentations for PowerPoint and Slideshare

  • Targeted promotions


Request a consultation to learn how Lumen Marketing can help you generate demand, attract better leads, engage more effectively, and increase qualified sales opportunities.