Is your marketing plan like a spotlight or a floodlight? How to find your ideal customer

Focusing your energy and marketing dollars on finding customers most likely to be star performers will develop your business faster than trying to get attention indiscriminately. Being able to identify your ideal customer will improve your results, whether you have an established business or are launching a startup. Finding your ideal customer when you [...]

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Cheaper isn’t always better when hiring freelancers

We’ve all heard the old adage “you get what you pay for” — it and similar such quotes have been around way longer than anyone who is reading this article has been alive. In our business, we have certainly found this to be true, and we’d like to offer you my thoughts and ideas [...]

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Is your business still growth hacking and expecting growth?

Growth hacking — it’s likely you’ve heard this phrase, especially if you work for a startup. And it’s a term that drives me absolutely nuts. Anyone running a business, especially a startup, will tell you that the pressure to grow is immense. Without growth, and the revenue that comes with it, the business won’t [...]

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