Why is my marketing campaign falling flat? How can I fix it?

Marketing costs money. When your marketing campaign is not getting the results you want, it’s smart to stop to figure out why so you can make corrections, or even pull the plug and start over. The best way to know if a marketing campaign is falling flat is to first have an idea of [...]

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Provocative competence: Use improvisation and ambiguity to fuel innovation

How can a business foster a culture where innovation actually occurs? How does one create the environment in which new, actionable ideas flow? The secret lies in challenging highly developed skills with a tolerance for – no, an embrace of – ambiguity. Artists know this. Consider musician Miles Davis. He learned the trumpet as [...]

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What is a brand voice? 6 ways to strengthen yours

Barbershop quartets and Beyonce. Garth and Mick. A mezzosoprano and a mountain yodeler. They could all sing the same melody, but, oh my, what a world of difference. What is the brand voice of your business? Does it have one? Why does it matter? A business’ brand voice isn’t audible, at least not in [...]

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7 ways artificial intelligence is transforming the business landscape

HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey. C3PO in Star Wars. The Borg in Star Trek. Agent Smith in The Matrix. Artificial intelligence characters have either helped or tried to rule humans in the movies for years. We are living in a time when AI is now very real and increasingly a part of our [...]

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Is your marketing plan like a spotlight or a floodlight? How to find your ideal customer

Focusing your energy and marketing dollars on finding customers most likely to be star performers will develop your business faster than trying to get attention indiscriminately. Being able to identify your ideal customer will improve your results, whether you have an established business or are launching a startup. Finding your ideal customer when you [...]

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Does cold calling still make sense? 5 warmer ways to generate leads

Phone technology has changed our behavior. People don’t take calls from people they don’t know anymore. Cold calling is about as welcome as robo calls. Likewise, cold sales emails often feel like SPAM. Today the odds of a cold call ending in a sale are depressingly miniscule. Richard Stephens reports in a Dec. 2018 [...]

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Conquering decision fatigue: Why you should ask for help

After a day full of work-related decisions, the last thing I want to do is figure out what to have for dinner. My choice is to not choose, to instead leave the decision up to my friends at a meal box service like Hello Fresh or Home Chef. Can you relate? There’s a name for [...]

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“Hey, Google, how will voice search affect my SEO strategy?”

“OK, Google...” “Hey, Siri...” “Alexa...” “Hey, Cortana...” Search engine optimization is changing, and the devices we talk to are a big part of the reason why. Just when digital marketers thought they had gotten really good at picking the keywords most likely to be plugged into a search engine by consumers, people started asking [...]

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MQL, SAL, SQL: What’s lead qualification & why should you care?

Without buyers for an enterprise’s products or services, it cannot survive. It’s critical to create a strategy to inform enough of the right people about what you offer and to intentionally nurture relationships to increase the likelihood that they will decide to purchase what you offer. You’ll experience a greater return on your investment [...]

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Is it time for a marketing audit?

We all know what an audit is. An audit is a thorough, objective examination and evaluation of something. In a financial statement audit, an independent accountant picks through your books and records to make sure all is in order, then the auditor will opine on the accuracy of your financial statements. A tax audit [...]

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