4 must-have features for great logo design

The most critical part of logo design happens before pencil touches paper, literally or digitally. The hardest and most important first step? Figuring out exactly the concept you want to communicate. IBM knows a thing or two about getting a logo right. Theirs has been recognizable around the world for almost half a century. [...]

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How to verify email addresses for your marketing campaigns

We don’t have to convince you of how important email is to businesses. Because it’s essential to our communication and to marketing, the quality of the email addresses we have for our contacts is critical. How can you ensure that your message will reach its intended reader? You need to verify email addresses. “As [...]

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Calls to action: What action do you want a customer to take?

Every time you subscribe to a newsletter, install an app, download a case study, or purchase a product, it’s because someone invited you to do so. Even if you seek out the thing (whatever that may be), you click on a button that says something like “Buy Now” or “Learn More,” right? You are [...]

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Should you hire a marketing consultant or freelancer?

Is your business considering hiring a marketing consultant? That’s a question many business owners ask themselves at some point. And in today’s changing business economy, consultants, contractors and freelancers are an ever-growing fixture. In fact, a recent report by research firm, Jobenomics, estimated that contingent workers (contractors, freelancers, temps, consultants, etc.) now make up [...]

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Provocative competence: Use improvisation and ambiguity to fuel innovation

How can a business foster a culture where innovation actually occurs? How does one create the environment in which new, actionable ideas flow? The secret lies in challenging highly developed skills with a tolerance for – no, an embrace of – ambiguity. Artists know this. Consider musician Miles Davis. He learned the trumpet as [...]

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What is a brand voice? 6 ways to strengthen yours

Barbershop quartets and Beyonce. Garth and Mick. A mezzosoprano and a mountain yodeler. They could all sing the same melody, but, oh my, what a world of difference. What is the brand voice of your business? Does it have one? Why does it matter? A business’ brand voice isn’t audible, at least not in [...]

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7 ways artificial intelligence is transforming the business landscape

HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey. C3PO in Star Wars. The Borg in Star Trek. Agent Smith in The Matrix. Artificial intelligence characters have either helped or tried to rule humans in the movies for years. We are living in a time when AI is now very real and increasingly a part of our [...]

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Is your marketing plan like a spotlight or a floodlight? How to find your ideal customer

Focusing your energy and marketing dollars on finding customers most likely to be star performers will develop your business faster than trying to get attention indiscriminately. Being able to identify your ideal customer will improve your results, whether you have an established business or are launching a startup. Finding your ideal customer when you [...]

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Does cold calling still make sense? 5 warmer ways to generate leads

Phone technology has changed our behavior. People don’t take calls from people they don’t know anymore. Cold calling is about as welcome as robo calls. Likewise, cold sales emails often feel like SPAM. Today the odds of a cold call ending in a sale are depressingly miniscule. Richard Stephens reports in a Dec. 2018 [...]

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