Measuring your marketing efforts has always been imperative, and that is no different now. What has changed though, is that you need to look at some of your marketing metrics through a different lens.

I’m going to provide you with 4 quick tips that you can use to ensure your marketing efforts are paying off, and that your message is resonating with customers.

4 marketing metrics to watch…

Google Analytics

Does your business have a Google Analytics account?

Do you know how to find the information you need? Google Analytics can be really intimidating, and lot of that is sheer due to the volume of GA provides.

But it goes beyond just pulling numbers. You also need to interpret those numbers and make correlations with both your marketing campaigns and your customers new behavior. Remember, this is going to be different from business to business.

Another trend to note — and you should do this right now in your GA account — is the date in which your employees started working remotely. Why is this important? Many companies set a filter on their Google Analytics account to block out, or exclude, the traffic going to their websites by their own employees, from their office IP addresses. If your business is one that suddenly has staff working remotely, and they’re not logged in through a VPN, your reporting is going to be skewed for some time.

The silver lining? This is happening right now to lots of businesses, including your competitors, so take it stride.

Are you tracking website visits with UTM parameters?

Knowing exactly where a visitor to your website originated helps to tell a story about the marketing tactics that are providing the best return on your investment. Here’s an example of what this tracking code looks like.

UTM code example - marketing metrics know your numbers

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This helpful article from Google explains how to start using UTM parameters:

Social media metrics

Are you seeing a shift in behavior on your social pages? For example, if you’re a B2B company that sees the most engagement over on LinkedIn, are you now also seeing more engagement on Facebook? As people shift to a new “normal” their social behavior and how they seek out human connection might impact your metrics.

Again, this is going to be different from business to business.

Email marketing

I’ve already talked before about the importance of continuing to communicate. Email marketing is big part of that.

My recommendation right now is to track how people engage with your new, more helpful content and messaging.

Do you now see higher open rates, click-through rates, and click-to-open rates? That click-to-open rate is a key metric to pay attention to, by the way. If so, that could be an indicator that your shift in messaging, or product offering, is the right fit.

On the flip side, if you see a decline in email engagement, it would be wise to step back and evaluate where you can make improvements. Your message could be too sales-y or striking the wrong tone.

We’re here to help!

Those are the top 4 marketing metrics to pay attention to right now. There might be other numbers related to your CRM or things that are specific to your individual business. Our team is here to help answer any questions you have!