What is a brand voice? 6 ways to strengthen yours

Barbershop quartets and Beyonce. Garth and Mick. A mezzosoprano and a mountain yodeler. They could all sing the same melody, but, oh my, what a world of difference. What is the brand voice of your business? Does it have one? Why does it matter? A business’ brand voice isn’t audible, at least not in [...]

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The business value of communicating core values (without the meaningless buzzwords)

Buzzwords and business jargon. We all see them and probably use them every day: Paradigm shifts. Deliverables. Synergy. Interfacing. The list is bottomless. These words all have their appropriate uses. Marketing just isn’t one of them. Who are you? What is your business about? What difference do you want to make? Well-crafted marketing content [...]

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Does cold calling still make sense? 5 warmer ways to generate leads

Phone technology has changed our behavior. People don’t take calls from people they don’t know anymore. Cold calling is about as welcome as robo calls. Likewise, cold sales emails often feel like SPAM. Today the odds of a cold call ending in a sale are depressingly miniscule. Richard Stephens reports in a Dec. 2018 [...]

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Storytelling: Position your customer as the hero in the journey to success

Today’s customers are inundated with marketing messages, news updates, goofy memes and personal social media threads. All but the most urgent have become easy-to-ignore white noise. How can your message stand out in all that cacophony? What’s more, your customers don’t respond to out-and-out advertisements in the positive way people used to. In fact, [...]

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Millennials and direct mail: They (surprisingly) like it!

Is direct mail dead? Nearly everyone on the planet is reachable electronically these days, right? So why would you keep forking over cash for the printing and postage of actual printed advertising? The big players all do it. Grocery ads, back-to-school big-box ads, home improvement store ads all arrive in our mailboxes every week. [...]

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Testimonials = marketing gold | What makes (and how to get!) a good one

How do you tell potential customers how wonderful your products or services are? That’s a trick question, because it’s best if you let someone else share how much they love you. Their excitement about their experience with your products or services will sell more people than your sales copy ever could because their opinions [...]

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All coffee’d out? Smarter networking yields better results!

You go to a networking happy hour, strike up conversations with other business owners and exchange business cards. You go home and one of you follows up with an email proposing a coffee date. You meet and chat more. You add them to your database, hoping that someday, surely, if the stars align, you [...]

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Align sales and marketing, and everyone wins

Marketers spend a lot of time developing resources that explain products, answer questions about services, and in general are meant to cultivate customer relationships and support the sales staff. Webinars, white papers, website content, or leave-behind collateral — they all cost any business a chunk of change. So why is it that so often all [...]

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The (sometimes messy, yet invaluable) art of negotiation

Becoming successful at the art of negotiation is relevant for “the individual who would like to keep his friends, property, and income, and the statesman who would like to keep the peace.” – John Kenneth Galbraith. “But I’m not a negotiator…” Whether you like it or not (and most people don’t), you really are [...]

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