Conquering decision fatigue: Why you should ask for help

After a day full of work-related decisions, the last thing I want to do is figure out what to have for dinner. My choice is to not choose, to instead leave the decision up to my friends at a meal box service like Hello Fresh or Home Chef. Can you relate? There’s a name for [...]

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“Hey, Google, how will voice search affect my SEO strategy?”

“OK, Google...” “Hey, Siri...” “Alexa...” “Hey, Cortana...” Search engine optimization is changing, and the devices we talk to are a big part of the reason why. Just when digital marketers thought they had gotten really good at picking the keywords most likely to be plugged into a search engine by consumers, people started asking [...]

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Is it time for a marketing audit?

We all know what an audit is. An audit is a thorough, objective examination and evaluation of something. In a financial statement audit, an independent accountant picks through your books and records to make sure all is in order, then the auditor will opine on the accuracy of your financial statements. A tax audit [...]

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Add customer experience to marketing’s ever-growing list of responsibilities

Old school wisdom called marketing a distinct function, separate from product development, IT maintenance, customer service – each was in its own silo. But in today’s world, the marketing team plays an even larger and more important role in business. Marketing is now also about creating and nurturing the customer experience. And every part [...]

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Scrape or remodel? Factors to consider when evaluating marketing plan performance

What do you do when the marketing plan you’ve been working from gets stale? Staying on the present course would be a perfect example of continuing to do the same thing but expecting different results, and that’s never a good idea. You basically have two choices: rework underperforming parts of the plan or scrap [...]

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Refocusing business priorities: 8 ways to hold yourself accountable

In both our personal and professional lives, the start of a new year brings a time to set our faces toward living out our best selves. Where do you want to go, and how will you get there? Same old, same old won’t cut it, will it? Reaching your 2019 goals will require setting [...]

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How to generate quality leads? Inbound marketing is still the answer!

Do you like intrusive ads and pushy sales pitches? Yeah, we thought not. Your customers don’t either. If you’re wondering how to generate quality leads for your business, outbound marketing is out and inbound marketing has taken the lead. Outbound marketing means you’re shoving ads in front of people without any indication they might [...]

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Millennials and direct mail: They (surprisingly) like it!

Is direct mail dead? Nearly everyone on the planet is reachable electronically these days, right? So why would you keep forking over cash for the printing and postage of actual printed advertising? The big players all do it. Grocery ads, back-to-school big-box ads, home improvement store ads all arrive in our mailboxes every week. [...]

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All coffee’d out? Smarter networking yields better results!

You go to a networking happy hour, strike up conversations with other business owners and exchange business cards. You go home and one of you follows up with an email proposing a coffee date. You meet and chat more. You add them to your database, hoping that someday, surely, if the stars align, you [...]

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Does your marketing strategy put the buyer in the driver’s seat?

Have you ever researched a product or service online and gotten frustrated because you couldn’t find the information you needed? How long did you stay on that site? I experienced a variation on this theme once when I was looking to make a job change, right before founding Lumen Marketing & Communications. I was [...]

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