VIDEO: Make your marketing emails more effective — 6 quick tips

In this week’s video, we provide you with six quick tips for making your marketing emails more effective. Tip #1: Is it worth someone’s valuable time to read your marketing emails? When planning an email campaign, or a one-off email, you need to put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and ask [...]

Thought leadership vs. content marketing — what’s the difference?

The term “thought leader” was coined back in 1994. Today, some roll their eyes and regard it as a prime example of business jargon. Yet the concept has value, whatever words we use, so let’s look at it. It’s about engaging, not marketing, says Molly Smith, PR consultant. “Whether it's providing advice, inspiring or [...]

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3 ways to play ball like the content marketing big leagues

How do the best B2B content marketers hit home runs? What can other companies learn from them that will make them more competitive? Content Marketing Institute (CMI) surveys B2B companies annually to gain insight into the state of content marketing and trends. The latest CMI report shines a light on three characteristics that distinguish [...]

Calls to action: What action do you want a customer to take?

Every time you subscribe to a newsletter, install an app, download a case study, or purchase a product, it’s because someone invited you to do so. Even if you seek out the thing (whatever that may be), you click on a button that says something like “Buy Now” or “Learn More,” right? You are [...]

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Don’t be a creator of “fake news”: The importance of fact checking your content

Some news may seem too good (or unfortunately, too bad) to be true. The same holds true for information that you may choose to source when creating content such as white papers, blog posts, and other sales and marketing materials. In order to verify the validity of what you are reading or publishing, it's [...]

Don’t “buy in” to the power of business jargon

Call it what you will: business jargon, corporate lingo, business school speak — it really just provides a shortcut or short phrase that defines a bigger idea within the world of business. But whatever it stands for, the time has come where we can all agree that jargon has become annoying, pretentious, and in [...]

Should you hire a professional proofreader? Here’s proof

Whether your writing (not to mention spelling) skills are impeccable or just mediocre, you no doubt want to make sure that everything that you submit communicates your message in the most professional and clearest way possible. And because you want well-written documents free of errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary, it is worth [...]

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