Whether your writing (not to mention spelling) skills are impeccable or just mediocre, you no doubt want to make sure that everything that you submit communicates your message in the most professional and clearest way possible. And because you want well-written documents free of errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary, it is worth considering hiring a professional proofreader.

Now you may think that you are certainly able to proofread your own work, but there is always the possibility that you may miss an error. Although it could be something minor (such as a misplaced comma), it could also be a significant error, leaving your readers to question your professional competency.

“Even the best writer needs a fresh set of eyes to look over documents to find the errors that might have been missed. And spell check isn’t without its quirks.”

Services provided by professional proofreaders

Professional proofreaders are experts at editing. They meticulously review documents to locate and correct any errors in written work creating a higher quality document. They also search for technical errors, make word and phrase substitutions, and enhance the flow of the piece.

In order to guarantee delivery of a highly polished document, proofreaders also provide improved formatting and organization of documents if needed.

Why proofreading yourself isn’t always the best option

Even the best writer needs a fresh set of eyes to look over documents to find the errors that might have been missed. And spell check isn’t without its quirks. While it does a great job picking up simple errors, it can’t recognize “Which witch is which?”

When writing for an audience, you want them to feel assured that you are a credible source, and pieces with poor spelling and grammar will ruin that credibility faster than you can possibly imagine. High-quality, professional proofreading can (and will) help you avoid embarrassment, negative feedback, and the time and cost of correcting published errors.

No time to hire a professional proofreader?

If your schedule simply doesn’t permit you to hire a proofreader for a project, please engage a trusted colleague or friend to review your document. And, if all else fails and you have to do it yourself these tips can help:

  • Leave a break between the writing and the proofing of the document
  • Read your document out loud to yourself to catch any phrases or word choices that need improvement
  • Make sure you have been consistent in capitalization, spelling, punctuation and terminology; not all rules of grammar are hard and fast, making consistency important

Leave a lasting impression

Adding a professional proofreader to your arsenal of suppliers can ensure that your audience is left with a memorable and positive impression of you and your business.

If your organization needs professional proofreading services, the Lumen Marketing team can help give your business communications a polished look. Call us today at 720-722-2987 to discuss your proofreading needs.