3 ways to play ball like the content marketing big leagues

How do the best B2B content marketers hit home runs? What can other companies learn from them that will make them more competitive? Content Marketing Institute (CMI) surveys B2B companies annually to gain insight into the state of content marketing and trends. The latest CMI report shines a light on three characteristics that distinguish [...]

Why leads groups don’t always work — and how to find better prospects

Are leads groups the best use of your time when you’re trying to market and grow your business? Maybe. Maybe not. I used to lead a business networking group, and believe me, it took enormous time out of my week — every single week. Even if you’re not the leader of a business networking [...]

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Is your marketing plan like a spotlight or a floodlight? How to find your ideal customer

Focusing your energy and marketing dollars on finding customers most likely to be star performers will develop your business faster than trying to get attention indiscriminately. Being able to identify your ideal customer will improve your results, whether you have an established business or are launching a startup. Finding your ideal customer when you [...]

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“Hey, Google, how will voice search affect my SEO strategy?”

“OK, Google...” “Hey, Siri...” “Alexa...” “Hey, Cortana...” Search engine optimization is changing, and the devices we talk to are a big part of the reason why. Just when digital marketers thought they had gotten really good at picking the keywords most likely to be plugged into a search engine by consumers, people started asking [...]

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Add customer experience to marketing’s ever-growing list of responsibilities

Old school wisdom called marketing a distinct function, separate from product development, IT maintenance, customer service – each was in its own silo. But in today’s world, the marketing team plays an even larger and more important role in business. Marketing is now also about creating and nurturing the customer experience. And every part [...]

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Scrape or remodel? Factors to consider when evaluating marketing plan performance

What do you do when the marketing plan you’ve been working from gets stale? Staying on the present course would be a perfect example of continuing to do the same thing but expecting different results, and that’s never a good idea. You basically have two choices: rework underperforming parts of the plan or scrap [...]

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