In our last blog post, we talked about how to create a customer persona. In the second part of this series, we’ll discuss the importance of creating customer personas, and why your business shouldn’t be without them.

Does your business need to create customer personas?

Yes, you do! If you haven’t gotten around to using them yet (we know, you’re too busy to create them and your staff just rolls their eyes when you mention the value in using them — after someone writes them, that is), maybe you just need a reminder on all of the ways that personas can help you to improve your marketing in ways that matter.

Remember, buyer personas are an essential part of a successful inbound marketing strategy. Without them, how closely are you really defining your target audience in order to tailor your content and advertising towards them? Besides, creating personas can be fun. Remember, your customer personas are created using analyzed research (online research, interviews, surveys, and more), so no Star Wars characters or Disney Princesses need apply.

Use information gathered from your product, service, and sales teams, online traffic sources, social media channels, and customer engagements just to name a few. Then, transfer this into giving them what they want. Remember, your content should be designed to link back to your various customer personas. What you are creating is being created just for them.

“Buyer personas are an essential part of a successful inbound marketing strategy. Without them, how closely are you really defining your target audience?

Still not convinced you need customer personas?

Here are just a few of the benefits to consider:

  • By identifying what your customer (or customers) really want from your company, you have the opportunity to create and market the products or services that they are actually looking to purchase.
  • If you know how they make their purchase decisions, you can target your marketing to move them forward towards the sale.
  • What if you don’t have the products or services your potential customers want? This information will give you the knowledge needed to consider introducing new or improved offerings.
  • Learn where your customers are when they are online to discover where and how to promote your business, and what sales and marketing content to produce.
  • Companies that exceed lead generation and revenue goals are 7.4 times more likely to have updated their customer personas in the last six months than companies that don’t update their personas (or who don’t use them at all). How’s that for results?

Remember the “why”

Inbound marketing is all about the customer and providing the content, products and services that they want. It helps to understand their challenges, goals and objectives when doing so. This type of thinking aligns with your customer’s needs and expectations and can ultimately lead to both increased traffic and sales.

If your organization is overwhelmed when it comes creating customer personas and putting them into action, Lumen Marketing can help. We specialize in helping businesses identify the unique traits of their buyers, and then create smart, creative marketing campaigns that get results. Give us a call at 720-722-2987, or click on the blue button below.