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Lisa is President of Lumen Marketing & Communications, a Denver agency specializing in inbound marketing, websites, and creative for B2B and B2C businesses. She is an accomplished digital marketing expert, who generates targeted leads through marketing automation, websites, landing pages, SEO, email, and mobile. Follow her on Twitter @LumenMarketing.

Many U.S. companies still not compliant with data privacy laws

It’s been five months now since the European Union rolled out the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. And before you know it, the California Consumer Privacy Act will take effect. Both laws aim to provide a set of standardized data protection laws for their citizens. In a nutshell, if you are a marketer [...]

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How to demonstrate marketing ROI when developing next year’s budget

One of the most frequent questions executives ask of marketers is how the marketing plan is delivering. In other words, what is its return on investment (ROI)? How can they gauge the value of use of marketing dollars when the indicators are things like clicks and views and shares? Does that even relate to [...]

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How to generate quality leads? Inbound marketing is still the answer!

Do you like intrusive ads and pushy sales pitches? Yeah, we thought not. Your customers don’t either. If you’re wondering how to generate quality leads for your business, outbound marketing is out and inbound marketing has taken the lead. Outbound marketing means you’re shoving ads in front of people without any indication they might [...]

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Millennials and direct mail: They (surprisingly) like it!

Is direct mail dead? Nearly everyone on the planet is reachable electronically these days, right? So why would you keep forking over cash for the printing and postage of actual printed advertising? The big players all do it. Grocery ads, back-to-school big-box ads, home improvement store ads all arrive in our mailboxes every week. [...]

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Testimonials = marketing gold | What makes (and how to get!) a good one

How do you tell potential customers how wonderful your products or services are? That’s a trick question, because it’s best if you let someone else share how much they love you. Their excitement about their experience with your products or services will sell more people than your sales copy ever could because their opinions [...]

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All coffee’d out? Smarter networking yields better results!

You go to a networking happy hour, strike up conversations with other business owners and exchange business cards. You go home and one of you follows up with an email proposing a coffee date. You meet and chat more. You add them to your database, hoping that someday, surely, if the stars align, you [...]

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5 tried-and-true tips for creating an infographic that gets results

The infographic is more popular than ever, and with good reason. They are extremely useful to visually distill and convey data in ways that are relevant to a specific audience, and as such, have become a prominent communication tool for businesses of all kinds. In this information age, we are bombarded with data, and [...]

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Does your marketing strategy put the buyer in the driver’s seat?

Have you ever researched a product or service online and gotten frustrated because you couldn’t find the information you needed? How long did you stay on that site? I experienced a variation on this theme once when I was looking to make a job change, right before founding Lumen Marketing & Communications. I was [...]

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Facebook or LinkedIn ads? Be smart about your social media marketing

We all know social media marketing is an essential part of a good overall marketing strategy. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter – the list goes on and on. Is it simply a matter of creating a post and sharing it all over the place? Hint: the answer is almost always no. And what happens when [...]

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6 ways to build trust, credibility & integrity for your business brand

Let’s face it, we are living in a cultural crisis of credibility. Too often it erodes government, religion, and our business communities. As business leaders, most of us really do want to contribute to improving the world while also providing for ourselves and our families. On both counts, success depends on people trusting us. [...]

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