Project Description

Challenge: TalentWave is the foremost leader in independent contractor compliance and engagement. The company must regularly communicate highly complex legal and compliance subject matter in a way that is friendly and engaging to HR and procurement professionals.

Many of TalentWave’s client companies and prospects struggle with the growth of workforce virtualization, especially because of COVID-19.

Solution: Lumen Marketing took the complex topic, which was originally formatted as a text-heavy one sheet, and designed an infographic called The Employer Tsunami.

  • Developed an overarching creative concept — the workforce virtualization trend is very similar in nature to a tsunami about to crash on top of employers. There have been several tectnoic shifts (2020 felt like a huge earthquake), and when an earthquake happens at sea, the result is a tsunami. If your business doesn’t get to higher ground, the tsunami will crash on top of you.
  • Designed a long-form infographic to tell the story of the employer tsunami and communicate solutions to the problem at hand, including a clear call to action.
  • Infographic was used on TalentWave’s website and blog, in marketing emails, and as a sales tool.

Client feedback: “Wow, this was such a fun piece to open this morning! This is an awesome metaphor for what’s happening and the visuals are so fun and engaging. Seriously, very nice job! It works so well to tell the story and guide the users! Huge kudos to you for finding a way to bring it to life!”