Project Description

Challenge: As a high-growth company, Knowland needed to continuously create new leads to fill its sales pipeline. They worked with a third-party consultant to assume the role of interim marketing leader and develop a well-defined strategy and budget that would help the company meet its business goals. After assessing Knowland’s situation, the consultant voiced some concerns to the CEO. “One of the worst things that could happen to you right now would be for your marketing manager to quit,” she prophesized.

Shortly thereafter, the marketing manager went on vacation and didn’t come back, leaving its marketing program hanging in the balance. Quickly realizing she needed another set of hands, the consultant called on Lumen Marketing for their deep expertise in HubSpot’s marketing automation platform.

Solution: The Lumen Marketing team jumped right in, with little-to-no ramp-up time, serving as an extension of Knowland’s marketing department. Lumen Marketing’s President, Lisa Moore, embedded herself into Knowland’s day-to-day marketing operations, serving as a key player and advisor. She attended departmental staff meetings, participated in all relevant email communications, and took on the responsibilities of Knowland’s interim Director of Demand
Generation until they hired someone to fill the role permanently.

Although Knowland initially brought Lumen in for demand gen and customer communications, the company also leveraged the agency for a variety of other key initiatives, including:

  • HubSpot marketing automation
  • Demand generation campaigns
  • Customer communications
  • Social media management
  • Webinar strategy and execution
  • Copywriting and messaging
  • Graphic design support