Project Description

Challenge: Gradiant Energy Services, the leader in addressing the oil and gas industry’s toughest water challenges, needed to raise awareness among chemical engineers in the Permian Basin (West Texas and Eastern New Mexico).

Major advancements in oil production and techniques, such as hydraulic fracturing, come with an increased demand for water as well as the production of millions of gallons of wastewater. Drilling sites produce varying levels of produced water and contaminants. The mere mention of water as it relates to drilling operations causes high levels of anxiety for E&P professionals.

GES addresses these challenges for E&P operators by providing custom, cost-effective water treatment solutions, including bacteria treatment, evaporative disposal, water recycling, and more.

Solution: Designed a large-format advertisement for the Midland International Air & Space Port, which is the airport for the epicenter of oil and gas activity in the Permian Basin. Flights going in and out of Midland, TX are packed with chemical engineers and other important oil and gas industry stakeholders whose job it is to determine how their companies respond to the overwhelming water challenges in the region.

  • Keeping with Gradiant Energy Services’ brand standards, the overall design is simple and clean
  • Communicated the key message of “We Know Water” — a message that is both simple and highly effective for the intended audience
  • Used imagery that communicated the scientific and technology-driven solutions that GES provides